Carbon Finance

Tricorona partners with providers of technologies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and helps them access carbon finance to export their technologies to developing countries at an affordable price.

Tricorona supports technology providers and helps them realise carbon finance benefits in the following ways: 


A. Marketing Support

Capacity building:  Carbon finance creates additional cash flows to a CDM project, enhancing its financial return.  We explain to technology providers when carbon finance can be applied in the valuation of their technologies and how it helps to increase the marketability of their technologies in developing countries.

Marketing and network: By working closely with technology providers, we help develop marketing material such as information sheets, questionnaires as well as calculators to facilitate the quick assessment of the carbon finance potential. The marketing material is distributed within Tricorona’s global network of project owners and project developers, who are searching for emissions reducing technologies.
Project assessment: Tricorona supports technology providers as well as project developers by assessing projects in various development stages and helps determine the value of carbon finance.


B. CDM Development Support


Engaging at an early stage of technology sale planning, Tricorona evaluates the carbon finance potential of the use of a GHG reducing technology in a project. Once the carbon finance potential is established, Tricorona commits a forward purchase agreement for carbon credits generated from the project assuring secure carbon revenues to improve the project cash flows. Furthermore, Tricorona, at its own risks, finances all costs associated with the CDM development and undertakes the CDM development process until the carbon credits have been successfully issued by the CDM Executive Board. 


C. Financing Support


Tricorona maintains an active network with Swedish Export Credit Corporation (SEK), Swedish Export Credits Guarantee Board (EKN), and other financial institutions. Working with these financial entities, Tricorona further facilitates the development of customised financial solutions for technology export.


At the core of the above activities is our goal to help our technology partners to package a viable technology solution that includes technology, finance and CDM development and to transfer Scandinavian GHG reducing technologies to developing countries. 

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Tricorona collaborates with providers of technologies that lead to greenhouse gas emission reductions and help them assess the carbon finance potential.

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