Technology providers

Tricorona partners with technology providers who are in the areas of renewable energy, energy efficiency and methane utilisation.

We have established partnerships with various technology providers who are in the areas such as energy efficiency, district heating and cooling, biogas production and methane capture. 

Technology providers in Tricorona's network:

ABB AB - Substations
Ageratec – Biodiesel solutions AB
Alfa Laval Lund AB
Bioprocess Control Sweden AB
Capital Cooling Energy Service AB
Clean Combustion AB
Comp-Any GmbH
Eisenmann AG
Enerji Limited
Megtec Systems AB

Opcon AB
Power Tube, Inc.
Scandinavian Biogas Fuel AB
Solarus AB
SolarWave AB
Solvatten AB
Termoekonomi AB
Do you have a technology suited for carbon finance? Please contact us for more information:

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We help technology providers and project developers to identify and develop the carbon finance component of projects.

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